Bob Dorough gave us "Three is a Magic Number," the song that

inspired Tom Yohe to draw, Rad Stone to suggest an educational TV series and Mike Eisner and Chuck Jones to put it on the ABC Television Network. Bobby has been our Music Director since day one and has produced every single recording session we've done.


More importantly, he recruited Dave Frishberg, Jack Sheldon and the late Blossom Dearie for our series. He wrote great charts for Lynn Ahrens before she became an acclaimed Broadway composer-lyricist. And propped me up when I decided to Unpack My Adjectives and compose songs about bones and electoral colleges. He's even gracious enough to give me credit for the concept of a Conjunction Junction, though I could never have written anything as brilliant as his song. Conjunction Junction is known to millions now as our biggest "hit."


Yes, even at age 91, Bob is still gigging and making audiences smile and nod appreciatively as he sings his (and our) music. In 2002 Bob and his trio (Steve Berger, guitar and Pat O'Leary, bass) were sent on a "Jazz Ambassadors" tour of South America by the U.S. State Department.


In 2007 Bob received an honorary Doctor of Music award from East Stroudsburg University. In 2011 Bob was the featured honoree at the Delaware Water Gap Celebration of the Arts Jazz Festival.


In 2014 Bob was featured in 40th Anniversary singalong at the Kennedy Center's Millenium Stage drawing a crowd of over 2000, the largest in the history of this venue.

Again in 2014 Bob was featured at Echoplex a huge rock 'n roll venue in Los Angeles. He filled the place and got his review in L.A. Weekly: Click here to read review.




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