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   This is the first comp I put together with assistant art director Vince Notarile. Alan David was the photographer. That's me with Patty Fishburne, M&M's casting director at the time.  Note: the "Hai" hadn't been added to "Karate" yet by the Pfizer lawyers!


Here's what the final introductory ad looked like with Rik Pierce and Anna Marie Majorkorth.

 Below: The original instructions for self defense that came stuffed in every package.  Note: Now the Pfizer lawyers have made us add the "Hai."

Our first Christmas ad...

Our first line extension...

Father's Day

Another line extension...

I think this is one of the funniest ads I did... but Pfizer wouldn't buy it!

This is a promotion idea that Tom Yohe and I did in conjunction with our Bobby Riggs/Billy Jean King commercials.

(I think it's a great concept drawing!)

Tom was always razzing me about using too many plays on words in my writing. He did this drawing to illustrate!