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Schoolhouse Rock:

Lessons Learned for the Web Generation!




   Odvard Egil Dyrli, Emeritus Professor of Education at the University of

Connecticut, is senior editor of District Administration magazine, director of the annual District Administration Curriculum Web Site Awards and Schoolhouse Rock educational consultant. He is a former columnist, editor and feature writer for Technology &Learning magazine, director of the Technology & Learning Professional Development Institute, and was a columnist and editor for Learning magazine. “A professional among professionals. His knowledge and expertise are beyond measure.”


 Bob Dorough, Composer, singer, pianist, jazz educator; Bob has been primary composer and music director for Schoolhouse Rock since its inception. It was Dorough's song, Three is a Magic Number, that sold ABC Television’s Michael Eisner on the idea of putting three-minute educational capsules on the ABC Television Network. In January 2014 Bob performed at the Kennedy Center in a "Schoolhouse Rock 40th Anniversary Sing-a-Long that drew more than 2,000 people. Music Educators Journal: “An academic hipster who mixes math and music.”


 George Newall, Catalyst for bringing the concept, Bob Dorough and Tom Yohe, the animation designer, together in 1971. A composer and jazz pianist himself, Newall has written several Schoolhouse Rock songs in addition to serving as Executive Producer for the series. Newall believes that thirty years of writing television commercials (e.g. Hai Karate, Ford, Exxon, Atari, Ratheon, Flonase) taught him to develop the kind of unique and memorable ideas that help set Schoolhouse Rock apart. Action for Children’s Television Citation: “...cartoons with a conscience which prove that cartoons can be non-racist, non-sexist, informative... and funny.”



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